Reviewer Comments

“I think some texts are sacred, and this is one of them.  The author is forging something of beauty and wisdom out of her experience, and many people will want to accompany her on her spiritual journey through this pain.”

Paulette Alden, teacher of literary fiction and memoir, author of “Crossing the Moon” and “Feeding the Eagles.”

“There is something very special here that is both specific to the author’s son Charles and universal at the same time.  This story has emerged at the right time.  It can help a lot of other people address their own heartache in some way.”

Mickey Pearlman, well-known lecturer, reviewer and author of many books including “A Voice of One’s Own;”  “Listen to Their Voices;” and “A Few Thousand Words About Love.”

“Critically, the book works magnificently, magically.  The way it loops back, like Time feels, the author says.  By the time you get to the really gripping stuff you fully appreciate the slow sweet abstract philosophical rhythm of the beginning as being true to the grief process.  I loved the feeling, the sense she gave me of her son’s generation – so different from ours.  Charles’s poetry is perfect and grand, a great addition to the book.  The story grabs you and doesn’t let you go.  I couldn’t put it down.”

Sharon Doubiago, poet and prose writer, winner of two Pushcart Awards and Gloria Steinem’s Woman Writer Award, author of, among others, “Body and Soul” and “The Book of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes.”

“This form works!  It’s nailed into physical reality with a clear, strong maternal perspective.”

Christina Baldwin, pioneer author and educator in the field of personal writing.  Of her many books, “One to One: Self-Understanding through Journal Writing,” has remained in continuous print for 25 years.

“I was engaged every step of the reading journey, amazed by the truths Campbell discovers as she walks through her sorrow, filled with warmth toward the lovely life of Charles, and overwhelmed with compassion for the grief she has survived.”

Phebe Hanson, popular poet (“Sacred Hearts” and “Why Still Dance,” collections) and co-author of the recent hit, “Not So Fast: A Grand Tour of Europe at a Mid-life Pace.”

“The letters the author wrote to her son are incredible.  The writing is so beautiful and, taken as a whole, they tell a dramatic and moving story.  Each letter revealed one more piece to the puzzle.  Several times I had to put them down, take a walk, and just think.”

Rita Bleiman, author of “Dirty Tricks,” a political novel, community activist, and breast cancer survivor.

“To evoke, as the author does, what she is both player in and witness to with such restraint gives great power to her writing voice – a durable honesty and shared trust to which any reader can instantly identify and respond.  It is a gift indeed.”

Jerald Knudson, writer