Reader Comments

“Your book has taken up residence in my heart.” Jan, a reader

“I cannot put the book down –it was such a stunningly beautiful account of the love between a mother and son. I cannot believe how magnificent and moving his poetry is! It was an opportunity for me to love him again.” Hans, a childhood friend

“Your book haunts me.” Carole, a reader

“I was overwhelmed. You made me see – feel – think – weep. I finished it and loaned it to a neighbor, who says Oprah should have it.” Marie, a reader

“You’ve raised some very large thoughts in me.” David J, a reader

“What I really like about your book is that I can read some, ponder the letter, and put it down to let it process in my being.” Marilyn, a reader

“I LOVE the book. The day it arrived I spent most of the night reading it. I have shared the book with a friend who has been dealing with loss and she was so moved by it, it made a huge difference in her life. I loved Charles’s poetry so much.” Paul, a reader

“I have underlined and bookmarked Farther Up the Mountain. My favorite poem is still “The Old Growth.” Liz, a reader

“A fantastic book, I literally could not put it down. I read it through in one sitting.” An unidentified reader

“Is it alright to say I am enjoying your book? It is compelling and heartrending. You are a superb writer.” Joy, a reader

“It really feels like more than a book – it’s more than 2-dimensional black letters on a page.  With the pictures, the poems, it touches more of my senses.  You’ve created an object with visible life and spirit.” Susan, a reader

“Your book is a medicine for mothers that have to face such tragedy. The love shines thru each page and that is a gift to your readers….” Jane, a reader

“I am awed and inspired by the beauty of your manuscript. What a wonderful gift Charles has given you, and me, with this book. I give you credit as well, but I can recognize that for much of the work you were the scribe. Another Creator’s hand was certainly at work.” Suzannah, a reader