About Charles

Charles David Campbell was born on January 21, 1960 in St. Paul, MN. He died in an automobile crash near Eugene, Oregon June 22, 1988.

He was the middle son of a family of three boys. Brother Jim was a year older, younger brother Drew was two years younger. He spent his Minnesota childhood years living in Southeast Minneapolis and later in Mahtomedi on White Bear Lake. He began to travel at an early age. With his family, he spent his four-year-old summer in Eugene, Oregon, a place he would return to and embrace as his home later in life.

During 1970-71, at age ten, Charles traveled through Europe with his parents and two brothers in a VW camper van, an odyssey that spanned seventeen countries in ten months.

He was instinctively drawn to the outdoors. Early years at YMCA Camp Menogyn in Minnesota’s canoe country stimulated a thirst for outdoor beauty and a deep abiding love for the natural environment.

At age thirteen, Charles moved to Greensboro, North Carolina where he completed his high school education at Greensboro Day School. He became familiar with the Great Smoky Mountains and the challenges of rock-climbing.

Charles entered the School of Design at the University of Colorado in 1978, then transferred a few years later to the University of Oregon School of Architecture.

His mountain climbing experiences led him to the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Tetons, the Bugaboo Range in Canada, the Cascades, and finally, to the Andes in Peru, to climb the highest peaks of his life.

His University studies were interrupted several times by the early stages of a condition, later diagnosed as bi-polar disorder, that ultimately claimed his life. In his later years, Charles moved into art, sculpture, and poetry. He was deeply committed to the cause of world peace and the search for nuclear disarmament.








“Forest Shelter” a memorial to Charles built at Breitenbush Retreat Center in Oregon.